Sponsors of Walking Rain Review

Lannan Foundation is a family foundation dedicated to cultural freedom, diversity and creativity through projects which
support exceptional contemporary artists and writers, as well as inspired Native activists in rural indigenous communities.

The foundation recognizes the profound and often unquantifiable value of the creative process and is willing to take risks
and make substantial investments in ambitious and experimental thinking. Understanding that globalization threatens all
cultures and ecosystems, the foundation is particularly interested in projects that encourage freedom of inquiry,
imagination, and expression.

The foundation supports this mission with long-term special projects requiring multi-year commitments of funding and
technical assistance in the areas of contemporary visual art, literature, indigenous communities, and issues of cultural

Many thanks to
Patrick Lannan and Members of the Board of Directors and the Staff of the Lannan Foundation,
who make the journal of
Walking Rain Review and the prison Workshops possible, and who have donated more than
1,000 books to the prison libraries of
the Arizona Department of Corrections.
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Other Acknowledgments
The University of Arizona Poetry Center, who administer the Lannan Foundation grants and are a constant source of help
and encouragement, with much appreciation to Gail Browne, Christine Krikliwy, Frances Sjoberg, Jim Paul, Tim Bell, Rodney
Phillips and Alison Deming.

The Arizona Commission on the Arts
- who graciously supported the workshops in the beginning.

Charles Tatum, Dean of the College of Humanities, and Larry Evers of the Department of English at the University of
- who have made it possible for Richard Shelton to have release time from his teaching duties in order to expand the
prison Workshop Program and to engage in other creative and outreach activities.

University of Arizona Foundation, who provides administrative assistance.

Pima Community College graphics department and Spanish language translation assistance.

The Book Stop, Tucson; Moby Dickens Bookstore, Taos, New Mexico and The Lucid Stone, Phoenix who have graciously
donated boxes full of books to the writing workshops and prison libraries over the years.

Quik Print, on Stone Ave., Tucson with thanks to Mark Golden for converting Walking Rain Review issues into PDF format.

Writing Workshop leaders who have dedicated their time, knowledge and encouragement to men and women in workshops
throughout the Arizona Prison system: Tom Cobb, Will Clipman, Pamela Stewart, Peggy Shumaker, Jay Barwell, Chris
Cannady, Lollie Butler, Deidre Elliot, Mark Menlove, Joni Wallace,
Mac Hudson and Erec Toso.

Lois Shelton - who has spent much of the last thirty-five years typing the work of men in several Arizona State Prisons (inmates
are not allowed to have typewriters or computers.)  She  also has prepared numerous creative manuscripts for the Workshops
as well as for submission to publishers.

And finally, to the prisoners and former prisoners who attend the writing Workshops and contribute their work.